17th Judicial Circuit Court - Foreclosure Mediation

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STEP #1: Create a profile.  

This is similar to establishing a profile or username on other websites you use. We'll ask for your name, and email address and a few other details.

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STEP #2: Complete an application 

The application is a seven-step process. The first four steps will register you in our system, while the remaining three steps contain critical information for us to be able to help you. Here you'll be asked for information about yourself, your mortgage lender and your property. There are tools and checklists within the application that make it easy to gather additional details your housing counselor will need. The Financial Worksheet is very important to the process and should be as complete and accurate as possible. We've also provided a Hardship Letter writing tool, which will help you generate this necessary personal document. This information will help a local housing counseling agency, HomeStart (a partner of the Foreclosure Mediation Program), to quickly understand your situation and discuss possible options with you. 

Please remember that to be eligible for this program, a completed application must be submitted within 21 days of being served a summons and complaint in a foreclosure action.

(As an example the following is a screen shot of one our pages)

STEP #3: Submit additional documentation to the Mediation Program

Gather additional required documentation, and arrange to deliver it to the Foreclosure Mediation program located in the Winnebago County Circuit Court House; 400 West State Street, Suite 060, Rockford, Illinois 61101, prior to your Pre-Mediation Conference.

  1. Copy of Valid Photo ID (State of Illinois Driver’s License, State ID, or US Passport)
  2. Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Mediation Application (this is your online application, please print all pages and sign all pages)
  3. Proof of All Income: Two (2) months most recent (if paid bi-weekly 5 consecutive pay stubs; if paid weekly 8 consecutive pay stubs)
    • If you own your own business, please include the past 6 months most recent Profit and Loss Statements.
    • Includes: Social Security Income (SSI), Social Security Disability Income (SSDI), Workmen's Compensation/Temporary Disability, Self-Employed income, pension, Divorce Decree or Court ordered Document indicating payment or child support, alimony
    • If unemployed – current unemployment income documentation – can be verified by a letter or printout showing gross benefits from Illinois Department of Employment Security (IDES)
  4. Bank Statements from all Checking and Savings accounts: Three (3) months most recent, including all pages and front & back
  5. Most Recent Mortgage Statement for both 1st and 2nd mortgage
  6. Utility Bills: One month most recent Electric, water, gas bill with your name on the bill
  7. Homeowner Insurance Declaration Page: Most recent (ONLY if NOT included in your mortgage)
  8. Most Recent Property Tax Bill: Most recent (ONLY if NOT included in your mortgage)
  9. HOA- Dues Statement: Most current (ONLY if applicable and if PAID)
  10. Signed and dated Federal Income Tax Returns & all W2 Form (2 most recent years)
  11. If in Bankruptcy – bring copy of lifted stay

STEP #4: Attend Pre-Mediation Conference 

Once you have submitted a completed application, the program coordinator will contact you to schedule a face-to-face pre-mediation conference. This conference is designed to discuss possible options with a housing counselor, after the counselor has been able to review your financial situation. It is important to bring copies of any requested documentation with you to this appointment if you haven’t been able to provide it prior. The counselor will also discuss with you whether you are an appropriate candidate for the Mediation Program. 

This meeting will be held at HomeStart, located at: 205 N. Church Street, Rockford, Illinois 61101. 

STEP #5: Attend Mediation 

If your case is appropriate for mediation, you will receive a date and time to attend the mediation session. Mediations will be held at the Winnebago County Court House; 400 West State Street, Suite 060, Rockford, Illinois 61101. All borrowers listed on the mortgage should attend, as well as your attorney if you have one.  

Upon conclusion of the Mediation Session, the mediator will file a Mediation Report with the Court indicating agreement or recommending termination of mediation participation. Any agreement may be memorialized in a written Memorandum of Agreement

Upon termination of the mediation without an agreement, the case shall resume before the Court and you must file an Appearance or Answer within 21 days. 

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